Archaeopteryx was a birdlike dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic period, in Germany. It lived

An Archaeopteryx.


What? Everybody has slready found out that I am a dinosaur pretending to be a bird? Noooo!

  • An Archaeopteryx hunting a Frog on a tree branch.
  • Two Archaeopteryx.
  • An Archaeopteryx eating a lizard.
  • An Archaeopteryx alighting on a tree.
  • A gliding Archaeopteryx.
alongside Compsognathus and had similarities with both birds and dinosaurs. It, till recently, has been known as the first bird, but now

, it has been found out to have been a deinonychosaur, a family of dinosaurs that included the dromaeosaurs and troodontids, which also had many dinosaurs that looked like birds. However, we have already found many birds that lived alongside the dinosaurs.



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