Megaraptor Luis Rey 300

A possible Spinosaurid Megaraptor hunting a small Sauropod.

Megara by iguana teteia-d5tx7o1

An Artist's restoration of a possible Allosaurid Megaraptor


An Innacturate Raptorlike Megaraptor showing its huge claw.

Megaraptor was a huge theropod. It was once thought to have been the largest dromaeosaur ever. It was even larger than Utahraptor. However, it is still confusing wheter this is a megalosaurid, carachadontosaurid, tyrannosauroid, spinosaurid or allosaurid, although it is most likely a neovenatorid allosaur.
  • Megaraptor showing its huge claw.
  • Megaraptor killing an iguanodont.
  • Megaraptor at the seashore.
  • Two Megaraptor.
  • Mother and baby Megaraptor.
Since it is possibly a neovenatorid allosaurid, it is possibly related to Neovenator.


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